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Today, the hotel is called "Pfalzhotel Asselheim" and the restaurant "Scharfes Eck". The Holzweg ("logging path"), the location of the hotel, takes its name from the many timber builders who transported their wood from the Palatinate Forest to Worms on horse-drawn vehicles. From there, the wood was floated down the Rhine River. Here at the "Scharfes Eck" ("sharp corner"), the carters changed horses and took their noonday break. The guests partook of the native viticulture. There were no overnight accommodations yet at this time.

The name "Scharfes Eck" comes from the crossroads near the hotel. The road has forked here toward Worms and Kaiserslautern since the 9th century. From its humble beginnings as a horse-changing station, the building grew to become the centre of town. Fairs, weddings and town festivals were celebrated here and many well-behaved craftsmen brought their moneybags to the "Scharfes Eck" on Fridays. Little by little, rooms were added and the restaurant developed an outstanding reputation, which is known well beyond the borders of Rhineland-Palatinate today.

Today, we pamper our guests in a 4-star feel-good hotel with contemporary amenities and a team that takes pride in its duties. Our hotel, in the heart of the romantic wine country, is also a fine address for a relaxing weekend, festive events and restful holidays. Learning from the best also means listening to our guests, to ensure that we can continue to meet your needs tomorrow and in the future in this fast-paced world.

We welcome you to our hotel and wish you bon appetit and a wonderful stay.

Your Charlier Family & the Pfalzhotel team

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