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Luxurious baths for 1 or 2 persons

Experience a unique relaxation wonder in the Palavita wellness tub with atmospheric candlelight and soft music. Enjoy a heavenly relaxation bath in our high-quality wellness tub, which conveys its relaxing, vitalising effect with the support of sound waves which are transmitted through the water and your body. The harmonising effect on your circulatory system, respiration and metabolism is strengthened through the use of differently coloured lights, each of which affects different skin and tissue layers. Biologically stimulating magnetic fields also increase activity and have a lasting impact on the relaxation and concentration of the bathers.

After the bath you can relax in the cosy four-poster bed, alone or with a companion, with candlelight and a cup of tea.
40 minutes of pampering

Red wine-cream bath

Palatinate lightness in the form of a bath... The combination of cream, grape seed oil and fruity red wine gives this feel-good bath a delicious scent and supplies your skin with important minerals, vitamins and lots of moisture. In this purifying red wine-cream bath, you won't be able to resist the temptation to take just a sip from the tub...
Solo bath for 1 person € 29.00
Duet bath for 2 people € 55.00

Anti-stress melissa bath

Treat yourself to a relaxing wellness bath after a stressful day. This soothing bath has a relaxing, calming effect, while the citrus-like scent balances your disposition and helps you defeat everyday stress.
Solo bath for 1 person € 29.00
Duet bath for 2 people € 55.00

Rose-salt bath with rose oil and rose petals

Regenerate your skin and your soul with this sensuous bath. The salt, harvested from the Dead Sea, is combined with precious rose oil and rose petals. The bath deacidifies, detoxifies, purifies and promotes your metabolism.
Solo bath for 1 person € 32.00
Duet bath for 2 people € 62.00

Lavender oil bath

Immerse yourself in the calming scent of lavender blossoms. The sweet, flowery smell of lavender reduces tension and soothes stressed nerves. Ideal for recapturing your inner calm.
Solo bath for 1 person € 29.00
Duet bath for 2 people € 55.00

Aroma bath - with a scent of your choice

An aroma bath with selected aromatic scented oils and colours for your personal well-being. The effective ingredients can permeate deeply into your body and soul.
Solo bath for 1 person € 29.00
Duet bath for 2 people € 55.00

We are happy to serve drinks with your bath, such as a glass of sparkling wine. There is no delivery charge. You only pay for the drinks. A selection of petit fours or bite-sized fresh fruit is also available upon request.

All times indicated include resting time!

Do you have questions about the applications or want to book a massage? Please call 06359 8003-0 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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